Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Graduation Caps

I found this cute recipe on Bakerella's website a few years ago and made them for my little boy's graduation.  They were such a hit then, that I knew I had to make them again for my little girls big day.  Click HERE to head over to Bakerella's site for the recipe.

So, here is my take on the recipe:  The ingredients I used (Yay! for Target putting the squares on clearance)
Letting the cups get to room temp. and placing the stick in them.  *I tried putting the cups in the freezer so the chocolate would not come off the edges, but it did not work (and I even left them in over night)  oh well they were still cute ;)

Melted some chocolate to adhere the squares to the cups.

More melted chocolate was used to adhere the straws (aka chords)

Used melted chocolate again for the dots on top of the caps.

I placed some of the caps on top of premade cupcakes for the family to enjoy after dinner:

For Madeline's classmates, I put the caps on lollipop sticks, wrapped them up, tied them with fun ribbon and attached a little note from Madeline.

If your needing a unique and easy treat for a graduation party, I suggest giving these a try! 


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Treats

 You will need:

1 pkg pretzel sticks
2 pkgs white chocolate chip morsels
1 pkg Easter egg candy
2 pkgs Peeps

Melt one bag of morsels in a microwave safe bowl
Break 1/2 bag of pretzel sticks while chocolate is melting
Combine the melted chocolate and pretzels
Form into a small nest shape
Place egg candy and peep on top while chocolate is still warm so they will stick
Place on wax paper till completely cooled

Repeat process

We loved these treats!  I took them to our Easter dinner and we also delivered them to our neighbors.