Monday, May 10, 2010

Low Country Boil

I shared on my regular blog that Jason cooked a low contry boil for Mother's Day. It is absolutely one of my faves! We first saw the recipe on Paula Deen (I know, bigger shocker huh? Even bigger shocker, no butter is used) is a STANDARD meal on vacation. We cook the majority of the time we are on vacation and we always like to branch out. We've had versions of this recipe because going to college on the coast there is always a "boil" of some sort. We have tweaked the recipe for our tastes...we like things with a kick =) Not sure how long we will be enjoying shrimp with the oil spill in the gulf so I am glad we were able to get some fresh shrimp for this.

Here is the recipe (and some pics I found on the internet)

Low Country Boil
Fresh shrimp (usually 2-3 lbs depending on # served) ***can use frozen
Smoked Sausage (2 packs of polish sausage for a larger crowd)
New Potatoes (1-2 bags depending on how many people your serving)
Onions (3-4)
Corn on the Cob (at least 1 cob per person)
Lemons (2-3)
2-3 bags of crab boil (2 will give you just enough heat, so we use 3) (=

You will need a large stock pot for making this recipe.
Cut smoked sausage. Cut new potatoes (do not peel) into quarters. Cut onions into large slices. Cut lemons in half.
Fill large stock pot with water (3/4 way full) and bring to a boil. Put crab boil in. Place sausage, new potatoes, onions, corn, and lemons in pot. Allow to cook until all ingredients are done. Turn off stove and place shrimp in the pot at the last minute. Do Not Overcook Shrimp!
Serve with Cole slaw and cornbread.



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